Generative Audiovisual

Part installation, part time-based new media, my proposed project “AGNOSIA” exists at the intersection of art, science and technology. Through the juxtaposition of visual elements, sound, and sensory responses, the work creates an immersive experience that explores connections of human memories, definition of time, physical body reactions and spatial perception.

Our nature is made out of cycles, loops and transformations that affect our surroundings, enrich our souls and leave experiences of the life phenomena engraved on our spirit. By changing the habitat and making changes to the space of living, the mind starts recreating and reorienting what we see and feel as we try to map it to previous sensual elements.
This could happen by perceptions from buildings, architectural spaces, groups of human beings in contact with one another, ...  and juxtaposed the images on their comparative imagination to find a new definition. Different components can activate this intangible process like  a poem, smell,  photo, urban elements like streets or bridges, visual or sound elements.

“AGNOSIA” utilizes data collection equipment that collect biological data of the brain activity in real-time while specific documented memories from the past is projected to the artist, including videos, photos and artworks from different stages that hold emotional significance. The collected data will be used to train an artificial intelligence algorithm that would control the playback and generate audiovisual elements, a software that processes collected data with creative coding techniques to generate videos and visual images and plays them in real-time through an immersive and spatial audiovisual installation experience. The result is a multi-dimensional artwork made of inner physical and emotional states of the artist, visualized as alternative realities. Scientific and medical data, computer software algorithms and artificial intelligence combine to redefine the functionalities of mind, inner-self and spatial formations.

The project is still ongoaing and supported by the Canada Council of Arts & City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council.