Audiovisual Performance Set

In Islamic terminology, the term "Makruh" refers to a disliked act; it is neither forbidden nor subject to punishment, nor does a person who abstains from this act will be rewarded.
The visuals of this project are generated from the architectural references and cultural visual motifs of those regions and digital geometrical simulations created by real-time visual programming technology forming a deeper audiovisual experience for this set.

Following the concept of the project Elemaun, this audiovisual set explores the dark ambiance as well as the tranquility of techno music and soundscapes combined with Middle-Eastern and West-Asian musical motifs, representing contrasting concepts that have provoked the motivation behind this set, arising from the concept of Makruh, in which there is no certainty of making decisions nor is any confirmation provided.
Based on the theme of uncertainty and in an unreal space developed by a minimal, abstract approach inspired by philosophy, science, and Eastern-centered culture in the contemporary context, this audiovisual set explores the essence of affectability and effectiveness of intuitive reality and nature.

Comprising seven audiovisual pieces, this series depicts the cycle of formation of an entity and being affected by another entity; the following phases of this cycle are presented by other concepts such as avoidance, accompaniment, elevation, destruction, and return.
This audiovisual set is an attempt to create a dynamic space through real-time processing and generating data executed by digital art techniques taking on the aura of local, ancient concepts that are presented through technology and science, which are mostly exposed in audio textures and visual patterns.

Accordingly, the 3D Point Clouds of ancient architectures, the 2D videos processed through visual programming and creative coding, as well as digital 3D illustrations of reconstructed structures and existing objects related to this concept are employed in creating the visuals, which are processed in real-time and through interaction with sounds. For sound design, field recordings samples of Iranian regional music are employed; beats are designed based on local patterns, and digital synthesizers are used for sound production.

Selection of the titles and concepts have been made from the Arabic loanwords in Persian, which are based on the verb forms Enfeāl (used to assign to the verb the meaning of affectability) and Efteāl (used to assign to the verb the meaning of obedience as well as the subject’s influence). These words are generally used in both languages in the fields related to science, mathematics, physics, and chemistry (alchemy).

Enfeāl [passivity] : Affectability; the effect created by the subject in the passive
Emtenā [Avoidance] : To stop, to avoid accepting or doing something
Enqebāz [Constriction] : To constrict, to draw together, to become narrower and tighter without making a change in physical characteristics
Entebāq [Conformity] : To conform, to accord, to be equalized, to adjust to new circumstances
Ertefā [Hight] : Prominence, elevation, the vertical distance from head to foot or from base to top of something, an Arabic poetic device
Enqezā [Expiry] : To pass, to end, termination
Ehyā [Revival] : To regain life

2021 | Tehran Contemporary Sounds | Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany.

Produced with funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.