Generative Audiovisual

In the ancient philosophies and literature, the sky has been a source of inspiration and connection for humanity as an infinite and mystic sign of power, life, and beauty. In astronomy and navigation, the celestial sphere is an abstract sphere that has an arbitrarily large radius and is concentric to Earth. All objects in the sky can be conceived as being projected upon the inner surface of the celestial sphere, which may be centered on Earth or the observer.

The project ASTRAL, inspired by the sky, astral projection, and the geometric definition of this concept in science, represents the earthy visual contents of nature and human-made sacral architecture elements in digitally distorted and reshaped geometrical form with endless motions illustrating various depths of this vision from the perspective of the viewer looking from inside the sphere to the outer world.

Available for collect on Blue Rhino

2020 | Winter Show 20/21: Stay Art Home | Blue Rhino, Online.
2020 | Creative Code Festival | Lightbox, New York, USA.
2020 | Creative Code Art Virtual Showcase | Online.