The Same 4 Minutes
Theatre Performance

In collaboration with Saber Abar as the director and Pantea Panahiha, Elham Korda, Hamed Rasouli, Khosro Pesyani as the Performers, the design and fabrication of audio, visual, and lighting of the play was set up with the technical support of Nullsight.
In addition to 90 minutes of generative & real-time visuals from previous works by Ali Phi projected on a 6x12 meters box filled with white salt, a suspended light installation containing 10 minimal light modules controlled separately in the synchronicity with sounds and visuals were illuminating the whole set.
The contents were inspired by the shadows of the waves, the natural underwater movements from a downward perspective, and the use of visual patterns as the light source. The performers were interacting with the content reconstructing the sense of being suspended underwater to the audience.
“Xaxm” and “Horizon”, from the previous designs of light modules were used as an interactive light source for some scenes and acts.
“The Same 4 Minutes” was played for 30 nights at Shahrzad Theatre in July 2019.