Real-time Generative Audiovisual Installation
Yassi Foundation, Tehran, Iran
Time, is the main problem
Everything starts with it & fades into it
In this short cycle and in sufficient power
Being mortal, is the most beautiful thing
In memory of yasaman pirbastami

With a corridor of mirrors and projection of abstract motion graphics on the empty ground between two walls, there would be an infinite space which conforms the audiences with them. this optical illusion and feel of infinity makes it possible for people to have a unique experience listening to this sound design.
the visual content consists of parallel lines which generate and pass the corridor & based on concept of sequence, they have a sea wave-like motion on the shore with the difference that they would not draw back.
Both mediums of sound and visual are generative which means the chords and notes are being played at desired scale by computer like someone is playing it live and visuals are formed & produced due to different levels and notes of sound design.

The installation was commissioned by Yassi Foundation in Memory of Yasaman Pirbastami.

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