Audiovisual Performance

Live performance audiovisual set by Ali Phi, based on sounds from "LEFT" the compilation of ambient sound designs for immersive environments & audiovisual installations he has been designed between 2011-2016.
From a diverse range of interactive sound designs and audiovisual pieces, “LEFT” sounds more like compositions for piano & digital synthesizers which with some changes it would be companied by real-time generative visual codes & patches. As a connected audiovisual piece, each scene would be transformed seamlessly to the other and visuals would receive their forces from the frequencies of sounds. This identity of this set is so abstract & minimal which connects experiences of the artist in different stages of time in the period of time.

2018 | RE:LEFT | D.O.E.S Festival 3 | Rooberoo Mansion, Tehran, Iran.
2018 | RE:LEFT | Hormuz Biennial of Contemporary Arts | Old Fish Factory, Hormuz Island, Iran.
2018 | RE:LEFT | Waachaar Unveiling Event | Surface Space, Tehran, Iran.
2017 | RE:LEFT | Land Art Group Project | Qavam-e-zang, Kashan, Iran.