lemodos 1.0
DEC 2013
Real-time Data Recorder
The code is a real-time image processor and data converter/recorder.
Displacement & movements of objects/people will be converted into data in real-time from images captured by cameras.
Changes of RGBA will be saved as text data with speed of 60 files per second.
It captured 33,213 records files on the first performance.
Machine was converting data to midi and sending them to a programmed synth on other computer, controlling and generating a layer of sound for live music of the even.
This video is data visualization of recorded data from audiences during 9 hours compressed in 2 minutes.
Sound of this piece is made by the same data.
The event was entitled “Open Source” curated by Amirhossein Bayani based on the idea of participation of artists in different platforms, working together and getting inspired by each other at the gallery space.